Fitted Bed Sheet with Bed Guards for STANDARD DOUBLE BED Mattress

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Fits double mattress (53 inch W x 75 inch L x 8 inch D)

Fabric: 100% cotton

Foam: 100% Polyurethane 

Foam Covers: 71% Vinyl / 29% Polyester

*** For all other purchase options or inquiries, kindly contact Jenny at ***

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Fits standard double mattress (53 inch width x 75 inch length x 8 inch depth)

***Reduces the surface width of the double bed to 31 inches as foam inserts are placed on top of the mattress and slightly indented from the edge of the bed for maximum support provided by the mattress below.***


100% cotton (natural colour – no dyes)

Foam Inserts:

100 % Polyurethane foam

Complies with flame retardant regulations

Foam discoloration is natural and expected. When exposed to light and air, foam will oxidize and change colour. There is no harm or degradation as a result and the performance of the foam will not be affected. Foam may have some discoloration.

Foam Protective Covers:

71% Vinyl/29% Polyester

Washable water resistant material to protect your foam from staining and odour absorption

Foam Dimensions:

Foam Length: 25 inches (2 x 25 inch foam units totaling 50 inches per side – TOTAL: 4 foam units for this product)

Foam Base: 8 inches

Foam Height: 8.5 inches

Your body plays an important part for the safest use of your bed NANNY™ product.  Our product is designed to be used most effectively while lying down in it.  Although the foam is firmly set in place within the structure of the fitted sheet, the additional weight of your body on the bed sheet provides the foam guards the necessary resistance to prevent a fall.

One full set includes: 1 fitted double bed sheet | 4 foam inserts | 4 protective covers for the foam

Not included:  bed frame and mattress

*** For all other purchase options or inquiries, kindly contact Jenny at ***

Disclaimer: Not intended as a restraint or to contain.  Intended only to be used as an assistive device for sleep, for re-positioning in bed and for fall prevention.

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Weight 7.315 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 30 in


  1. Julia

    Fantastic product! We purchased the Bed Nanny for a double bed we transitioned our daughter to. Our daughter is an active sleeper and we have used other bed guards but have never felt satisfied with their level of safety and quality. When our daughter falls asleep in our arms and it’s time to put her in bed, we can do so and walk away confidently that Bed Nanny will prevent her from falling off the bed. Bed Nanny is a beautiful product and we are very pleased with the quality of the fabric and construction.

    • admin

      Thank you so much for your purchase and for your wonderful review!

  2. Tina (verified owner)

    The best toddler product on the market. Purchased one for our home and one for the cottage. My son absolutely loves these bumper guards. So easy to set up and use. Much more convenient and stylish then the traditional metal bed guards. I can put them on the bed and keep them there without the hassle of constantly adjusting adjusting them and taking them off like the metal rails. Highly recommend this product and the customer service is fantastic.

    • admin

      Thank you so much Tina! I appreciate your wonderful feedback and so, so happy your son loves it!

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