Are sleepless nights a regular occurrence for you?  Has your child taken over your bed?  Does your little bundle of joy toss and turn and kick while you try to get some much needed sleep?

Eliminate your sleepless nights and get your bed back!

Introducing bed NANNY™…a safe and innovative fitted bed sheet with sewn-in bed guards that will allow you to safely transition your child to a big kid bed without the fear of a fall!  It only takes one fall to cause an injury, create a fear of sleeping alone and could undo all efforts made to make the transition a successful one.  Children feel cocooned, cozy and safe!  bed NANNY™ products are also suitable for adults and seniors as the design is both safe and functional but its construction is robust…and it looks good too!

bed NANNY™ fitted bed sheet plus bed guard combination is a softer and safer alternative to traditional bed guards, bed rails and other protective attachments.  No additional pillows are required to soften your bed guards or to fill in any gaps that are created between the mattress or wall and other protective devices.  There are no straps, spaces or gaps where a child can get trapped.  It’s designed to help prevent your loved one from falling off the bed using protective foam guards fitted into a custom designed pocket which is sewn into a fitted bed sheet.  Foam inserts can be easily removed to allow for bed sheet laundering.  Foam inserts come with a removable and washable water resistant protective cover to help prevent any odor or stain absorption.

bed NANNY™ products are proudly made in Canada!  And meet all government safety regulations!


In May of 2011, my husband and I welcomed our one and only little girl!  We were delighted that she had finally arrived!  She was an easy baby and was loved by all! 

After all the firsts occurred and she strived for independence, my husband and I agreed it was time to convert her crib and tackle the daunting task of transitioning her to her toddler bed. It was at that time I began my search for a bed guard or bed rails…something protective to help keep her from falling off her bed when she slept. For her, I wanted something functional and safe, soft but robust, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as well.  

To my surprise, I wasn’t able to find anything that even came close to what I wanted!  So I reluctantly settled and purchased an inexpensive bed guard…we installed it, used it for two nights and quickly removed it from our daughter’s bed.  It didn’t give me any peace of mind! So we decided to move her into our bed for a few nights until we came up with another solution.

Essentially, we became her protective bed guards...and not just for a few nights but for a few months!  Eight months later, we wanted our bed back…it was simply time for her to go!  What do I do?  I know…I’ll make my own…how hard can it be?

After nearly one month of designing and creating a prototype, I finally had a protective bed guard my daughter could safely use…she’s an active sleeper and feared she would injure herself with a fall.  We converted her toddler bed as the safety bedding I made was meant for the final stage of her crib conversion: the double bed!  We purchased the mattress, installed her new bedding with bed guards and told her all three of us would sleep in her new bed as ours was ‘broken’!  She obliged!  We snuck out soon after she fell asleep!  And this was the beginning of her relationship with her new room, new bed, and new surroundings…and I had peace of mind! 

There were tweaks and changes along the way…the more our daughter used it, the more we knew what needed to improve!  Today we have a functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing bed guard/bed sheet combination that our daughter continues to safely use…and she loves it!



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