Why Choose Us!

Endorsed by Nanny Robina (Cityline TV Personality & Parenting Expert and Sleep Coach)

Approved by Nanny Robina's panel of professional mommy testers (http://nannyrobina.com/bed-nanny-reviews/)

  1. Proudly made in Canada
  2. Meets all government regulations
  3. A seamless and safe solution for transitioning your child from a crib to a standard bed
  4. A viable alternative to traditional built-in bed rails, bed guards or other protective attachments
  5. Eliminates the need for any transitional furniture, from the crib to the bed your child will grow up in and nothing in between
  6. No straps, gaps or spaces where a child can get trapped
  7. Removable foam inserts for bed sheet laundering
  8. Foam inserts come with a removable and washable water resistant protective covering
  9. Zippers conveniently located on the outside of the pocket for easy foam installation
  10. Robust design and construction can be used for children and adults at various stages of life
  11. Ideal for very active sleepers
  12. Available in standard crib (toddler), single and double mattress sizes
  13. 100% beautifully constructed and pre-washed natural cotton fabric with no dyes that feels luxurious to the touch
  14. Foam is 100% Polyurethane and complies with flame retardant regulations
  15. Aesthetically pleasing, neutral colour suitable for all preferences

***Use of bed NANNY™ products not recommended for infants under the age of 2 – infants must be supervised at all times***

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